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"The Girl Next Door"

One Summer Day A College Student Named Darcy And Her Boyfriend Jared. Move Into A Small Town Called “Pallet Town”. Darcy Is An Honor Roll College Student At Jones County Community College. While Her Boyfriend Jared Works As Manager At Footlocker. Jared Gets Paid $7.50 An Hour. So He Brings Home A Good Check Once A Week. Darcy Has Her Future All Planned Out. She Wants To Marry Jared When She Finishes College, Get Her Nursing Degree, And Maybe Start A Family.

Darcy’s Plans Coming Shattering Down When a Girl Named Nicole Moves Next Door. Nicole Is A Pretty Young Woman. She Works In The Mall Where Jared Works As A Cashier In Rue 21. One Day Jared Shops At Rue 21 Looking For Some New Jeans & Plaid Shirts. Nicole Is Checking Him Out As He Shops.

Nicole Walks Over To Where Jared Was Shopping. “Do You Need Any Help With Anything?” Asked Nicole. “No I’m Just Looking For Some Jeans & Plaid Shirts” Said Jared “Are You New In Town I’ve Never Seen You Around” Asked Nicole. “Yea Me & My Girlfriend Darcy Just Moved Into Town” Said Jared. “Oh Well Welcome To The Community I’m Nicole” Said Nicole “Nice To Meet You Nicole I’m Jared” Said Jared.
Jared Was Amazed By Nicole’s Beauty And Image. Jared Found The Jeans & Shirts He Was Looking For & Paid For It. Jared Met With Nicole At The Cash Register. “Hey Jared How About I Come Over To Your Place Later And Meet Darcy” Said Nicole “Sound Good We’ll Be Expecting You” Said Jared.

“Ok I’ll Be Over Later” Said Nicole. Later That Night Jared Gets Off Work Around 8 p.m. He Rushes Home To Be With Darcy. When Jared Gets Home He Goes Inside Looking For Darcy. Jared Goes Up To Her Room And Finds Her Sound Asleep. Jared Decides Not To Wake Her Cause He Knows How Exhausted She Must Be. Jared Then Goes Back Down Stairs And Hears A Knock At The Front Door.

KNOCK! KNOCK! It Was Nicole At The Door. Jared Opens The Door. “Hey Jared Is Darcy Here?” Nicole Asks. “Yea She Is Fast Asleep Though” Said Jared. “Is This A Bad Time I Can Come Back Another Time?” Said Nicole “No Please Come In” Said Jared “Thank You” Said Nicole. “Can I Get You A Soda, Water, Or Wine” Jared Asked Nicole. “Water Would Be Fine Thanks” Said Nicole.

Jared Goes Into The Kitchen And Gets Nicole A Glass Of Water. Jared Then Goes Back Into The Living Room Where Nicole Was. Jared Couldn’t Help But To Stare At Nicole. She Was So Beautiful & Dazzling. Jared Just Wanted To Explore Her Body. Jared Asked Nicole All Types Of Questions. Nicole Was Surprised By Some Of The Questions Jared Had Asked Her. Then All Of A Sudden Nicole Starts Rubbing Up Against Jared’s Leg. “What? Are You Doing” Jared Asks. “Getting You Prepared” Said Nicole.

“Getting Me Prepared For What?” Jared Asked. Then Nicole Hops In Jared’s Lap & Starts Kissing Him. Jared Can’t Resist What Nicole Is Throwing At Him So Jared Takes Nicole Up To His Room And Gives Nicole What She Asked Him For. The Next Morning Jared Was Thinking About What Happened Between Him And Nicole Last Night Although He Enjoyed Every Minute Of It. He Also Wondered What Darcy Would Do Or Say When She Found Out What Happened.

Jared Headed Off To Work And Met Nicole At Her Job. “Hey Nicole I Have To Talk To You About Something ASAP” Said Jared “Sure I’ll Meet You On My Break” Said Nicole. About 30 Minutes Later Nicole Met Up With Jared. “Hey Jared What Did You Want To Talk About, Also You Were Great Last Night” Said Nicole. Jared Smiled At Nicole. “You Weren’t Bad Yourself” Said Jared. “LOL Your Hilarious” Said Nicole.

“I Wanted To Tell You That I Would Like To Know You Better But Darcy Can’t Find Out About Us” Said Jared. “Sure Thing Babe Here’s My Number Call Me Sometime” Said Nicole. “I’ll Call You When I Get Off Work Tonight” Said Jared “Ok Baby I’ll Be Waiting” Said Nicole.

Later That Night At 11:30 pm Jared Called Nicole To See If She Was Busy. “Hello It’s Jared What You Got Planned For Tonight Nicole?” Asked Jared “Nothing Would You Like To Come Over My Place?” Asked Nicole “Sure I’ll Be Over At 12 am” Said Jared. Jared Went Over To Nicole’s Place At 12 Later That Night. Nicole Greeted Jared At The Door With A Sexy Lingerie On. Looking Like America’s Next Top Model.

Jared Couldn’t Seem To Keep His Hands To Himself Touching And Kissing All Over Nicole’s Body. Things Start To Heat Up Between The Two. Jared Then Receives A Phone Call From Darcy.”Jared Where Are You?” Darcy Asked. “I’m Working A Late Shift Tonight Babe’ Said Jared. “Bullshit I Called Your Job, They Said You Left 30 Minutes Ago So Where Are You Really At?” Darcy Asked.

Jared Then Hung The Phone Up In Darcy’s Face. Darcy Knew If Jared Wasn’t At Work Or At Home With Her. He Must Be Over Nicole’s Place. Darcy Goes Over Nicole’s And Bangs On The Front Door. BANG! BANG! “Open The Door Nicole I Know Jared Is In There With You” Said Darcy. Nobody Came To The Door.

Darcy Then Took A Few Steps Back And Kicked The Door Down. Darcy See’s Nicole In Jared’s Lap Kissing On His Neck “Get Off My Boyfriend Bitch” Said Darcy. Darcy Then Runs Over And Tackles Nicole To The Ground. Punching Nicole In The Face And Pulling Her Hair. “Get Off Me Bitch” Said Nicole. “Hell No Bitch You Sleeping With My Boyfriend, I’m Fend To Beat Your Trashy Ass” Said Darcy. Darcy Then Drags Nicole By Her Feet Towards The Door. Nicole Then Kicks Darcy In The Face And Runs To Get Her Gun. A 45 Caliber. “Why You Running Nicole?” Darcy Asked.

Nicole Go Gets Her Gun From Under Her Bed And Goes Back In The Living Room. Darcy Then See’s Nicole With The Gun. Nicole Shoots The Gun Once. Shooting Darcy In The Chest. Nicole Tries To Shoot Darcy Again But Jared Rushes Her To The Floor. Jared Gets The Gun And Shot Nicole In The Head.

Nicole Was Dead In A Puddle Of Her Own Blood. Jared Called The Police And Told Them What Happened. A Few Minutes Later The Police Arrived Along With An Ambulance. The Doctors Picked Up Nicole’s Body And Took Darcy To The Hospital To Examine Her Bullet Wound. The Doctors Told Darcy The Bullet Had Missed Her Heart So She Would Be OK. Darcy Gets Out The Hospital The Next Day.

Jared Proposed To Darcy When She Got Out The Hospital And Finished College. Darcy Had A Little News Of Her Own. She Was Pregnant And Expecting Twins. Jared Was Prepared And Ready To Be A Father. Jared And Darcy Lived Out Their Lives. Ready For Their Twin Babies To Be Born In The World.

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