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"The Room Mate"

One Cold Stormy Night A Girl Named Samantha & Her Boyfriend Nate Along With Three Of Their Friends Named Tom, David, And Chloe. Check Into An Abandoned Hotel. Samantha & Nate Got Room 201, Chloe & Tom Got Room 206, And David Got Room 210.
The Couples Were Hoping To Have A Good Time & Enjoy Themselves. That All Changed When A Weird Man Named Johnny Stewart Checked Into The Hotel. Johnny Got Room 203 Two Doors Down From Nate's & Samantha Room. Johnny Is A Tall Man. He Has Dark Blue Eyes, Long Black Hair And A Long Scar On His Face. Johnny Went To His Room & Got Settled.
Nate & Samantha Were Getting Settled. They Heard A Knock At The Door. It Was Johnny. "Hey Babe There's A Weird Man At The Door" Said Samantha. "I Wonder Who? It Could Be" Said Nate. "Hello Sir May I Help You?" Asked Nate.“Hey My Name Is Johnny Stewart" Said Johnny. "Hey Johnny I’m Nate And This Is My Girlfriend Samantha" Said Nate. “Nice To Meet You Both” “I Will Be Your Room Mate” Said Johnny. “Oh Cool We Have A Room Mate Nate” Said Samantha. Johnny Gave Samantha A Scary Look Like He Was Going Try Something. Nate Gave Johnny A Strange Look. Something Was Odd About Him Even Strange Maybe.
"Well We Better Get Back In Our Room" "It's Getting Late" Said Nate. "Nice Meeting You Both" Said Johnny. Nate & Samantha Went Inside Their Room & Went To Bed. The Night Got Darker As It Started To Rain. The Thunderstorm Knocked Out All The Hotel Power & Woke Nate & Samantha Up. "Baby I’m Scared" Said Samantha. "Don't Be Afraid Babe I’m Right Here With You" Said Nate. "Dang It Cell Phone Has No Service" Said Nate.
Then Samantha Heard A Weird Noise Coming From The Hallway. "Nate Somebody Is Out There" Said Samantha. "It’s Probably Nothing Babe" Said Nate. "Somebody Could Be In Trouble & Mite Need Our Help" Said Samantha. "Fine I Will Go Check It Out" Said Nate. "Be Careful Baby" Said Samantha. Nate Then Went Outside The Door & Heard A Strange Noise Coming From Johnny's Room. Nate Got Closer & Closer He Finally Went Inside. Nate Found Weird Pictures Of Girls Tied Up & Their Throats Cut. Blood Was Everywhere.
Then Nate Heard Somebody Approaching Him From Behind. Nate Turned Around To Find Johnny Holding A Knife. "What Are You Doing In My Room?" Johnny Asked. "I Heard A Noise Coming From Inside Here & Decided To Check It Out" Said Nate. Johnny Then Stabbed Nate In The Stomach. Nate Headed For The Door Trying To Escape. But Johnny Stabbed Him To Death Before He Could Escape. Nate Was Dead Lying In A Puddle Of His Own Blood. Johnny Knew He Had To Get Rid Of Nate's Body. Johnny Then Put Nate's Body In His Closet.
Samantha Began To Get Worried About Nate He Had Been Gone A Long Time. "Nate Where Are You?" Samantha Asked. "Come On Nate This Is Not Funny" Said Samantha. Just Then Samantha Heard A Loud Thud Coming From Johnny's Room. Nate's Body Had Fell Out The Closet. Samantha Went Inside Johnny's Room & Found Nate Lying On The Floor Dead. "Nate!!!! Oh My God" Screamed Samantha. Knowing There Was Nothing More She Could Do Samantha Ran To Chloe & Tom's Room. Samantha Banged On The Door. Chloe Came To The Door To Find Samantha. "Samantha What's Wrong" Asked Chloe. "Nate's Dead" Samantha Screamed. "What? Tell Me What Happened" Asked Chloe.
"What's? Going On" Asked Tom. "Nate's Dead I Found His Body In Johnny's Closet" "Who's? Johnny" Asked Tom. "Johnny Checked Into The Hotel When We Were Getting Settled" Said Samantha. "Then I Heard A Noise From His Room" "Nate Went To Check It Out". After That Nate Never Came Back. "I Got Worried & Went Looking For Him & Found Him Stabbed To Death In Johnny's Room" Said Samantha. "That's Terrible" Said Chloe. "Let’s Get This Guy" Said Tom. Tom Then Got His Bat "I’ll Bring My Bat For Protection" Said Tom.
Tom, Chloe, And Samantha Then Go To Find And Kill Johnny. "Stay Behind Me Girls" Said Tom. “Go Check In His Room Tom” Said Chloe. Tom Goes To Look In Johnny's Room To See If He's There. Tom See's Nate's Body & Throws Up On The Floor. "Tom Are You Ok Babe" Asked Chloe. "Yea Baby I’m Ok" Said Tom. Then Johnny Walked Behind Tom. "Oh My God Tom He's Behind You” Chloe Screamed. "Who's Behind Me" Asked Tom. Tom Turned Around & Saw Johnny Standing In Front Of Him. Before He Could Hit Johnny Wit His Bat. Johnny Had Cut His Throat & Tom Died Instantly.
"Tom Get Up!!!!" Chloe Screamed. “Chloe He’s Dead” Said Samantha. “We Have To Get Out Of Here” Said Chloe. Johnny Then Ran After Chloe & Samantha. Samantha Tripped & Fell To The Floor. "Samantha Get Up" Said Chloe. Johnny Grabs Samantha's Leg But She Kicks Him In The Face And Gets Away.
"I’m Tired Of Running Lets Kill Him Already" Said Samantha. So Chloe & Samantha Walked Back To Where Johnny Laid On The Floor. "He's Gone" Said Samantha. Samantha Turned Around Towards Chloe. "Look Out He's Behind You" Said Chloe. "Get Off Her You Monster" Chloe Demanded. Chloe Rushed Over & Smashed Johnny's Head Into The Floor Till Blood Rushed From His Head And Eyes. Johnny Was Dead. "Let’s Get Out Of Here Girl" Said Samantha. Chloe & Samantha Then Went Outside Got In Their Cars And Left The Hotel.

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