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"Brother Hood: A Thugs Story"

One Day Three Thugs Named Kion, Brion And Chaze Were Hustling On The Streets Of New York. Kion Was The Leader. His Brother Brion Was The Middle Man. Chaze Was The Rookie. Nobody Could Touch Them. Brion Had The South Side And West Side On Lock. Kion Controlled The North Side And East Side.
Things Were Looking Good For Kion And Brion. They Had All The Money, Guns, And Weed A Man Could Want. Until Chaze Confronted Brion About Taking His Girlfriend Trina.
Trina Was A Sexy Red Bone. She Had Long Hair, And A Body Of A Goddess. Brion Wanted Trina Bad. “Man You Trying To Get My Girl?” Chaze Asked. “Baby It’s Not Like That” Said Trina. “Man Fuck That Shit I Saw You Flirting With Him Trina” “I’m Leaving Your Crew Kion And Making My Own” Said Chaze. “Man Fuck That Nigga He Was Holding Us Back Anyway Kion” Said Brion.
Chaze Left Kion’s Crew and Goes To A Bar And Finds Two Guys Named Terry and Shawn. Terry And Shawn Have Been Looking For A Crew To Join. Chaze Tells Them They Can Join Him. Shawn Is A Muscular Dude With Cuts On Him From When He Went To Prison. Terry Was Shawn’s Cellmate. Terry And Shawn Have Been Boys Ever Since.
Chaze Tells Terry And Shawn If They Wanna Be Down With Him. They Have To Rob Kion And Brion’s Place And Get All Their Money, Guns, And Weed. Shawn And Terry Were Ready For Their First Task. Chaze Gave Terry And Shawn Directions On Where To Find Kion And Brion.
The Next Day Kion And Brion Were At Their Crib Chilling And Smoking Weed. When All Of A Sudden Someone Banged On The Front Door. BANG! BANG! “Nigga Open Up The Door” Said Terry. “Man Who The Fuck Banging On My Door Like They The Police” Said Kion.
Kion Opened The Door Shawn Was Pointing A Gun In His Face. “Get Down On The Floor Nigga” Said Shawn “Man What The Fuck Ya’ll Want” Said Brion. “We Want All The Weed, Money And Guns Ya’ll Got” Said Terry. “Who Are You Anyway?” Brion Asked.
“We Part Of Chaze Crew I’m Terry And This My Boy Shawn” Said Terry. Trina Got Scared And Tried To Attack Terry. Shawn Slapped Trina On Floor. “Get Up And Help Get The Stuff” Shawn Said To Trina. Brion And Kion Went To The Their Room And Got All The Guns, Money, And Sacks Of Weed. Trina Putted It All In A Gym Bag.
“Here’s The Stuff You Came For” Said Kion. “Nice Doing Business With You” Said Shawn. Terry Called Chaze And Told Him They Robbed Kion And Brion’s Place. Chaze Told Terry And Shawn They Were In His Crew. Shawn And Terry Met Up With Chaze On The South Side. Chaze Decided To Go To The Park And Smoke Kion’s Weed And Count Brion’s Money.
Chaze Didn’t Know Some Of Brion’s People Were On The South Side. Brion Called His Home Boy Jeremy. Brion Tells Jeremy He Needed Him To Get His Guns, Money, And Weed Back From Chaze. Jeremy Goes To The Park And See’s Chaze, Terry, And Shawn Smoking Weed And Counting Money. Jeremy Walks Over And Shoots Chaze In The Leg, Terry In The Arm, And Shawn In The Chest. Chaze, Terry And Shawn Were Down On The Ground.
Jeremy Puts All The Guns, Money, And Weed In The Gym Bag And Leaves The Park. The Next Day Jeremy Takes The Gym Bag Back To Kion’s House.
“Thanks For Getting My Shit Back Jeremy” Said Kion “No Problem My Nigga” Said Jeremy. Chaze And His Boys Terry And Shawn Were At The Hospital To See The Doctor. Trina Went To Visit Chaze At The Hospital. “Chaze Are You Ok?” Asked Trina. “Get Away From Me Bitch” Said Chaze. “I’m Sorry This Happened To You Chaze” Said Trina. “If You Were Sorry You Would Have Never Betrayed Me” Said Chaze. “I’m Sorry Baby I Only Did Cause I Was Lonely” Said Trina. “I Don’t Wanna Hear Your Excuses Trina” Said Chaze.
“Please Forgive Me Baby I Love You” Said Trina “I Love You Too Come Here” Said Chaze. Trina Walked Over And Kissed Chaze. “So When You Getting Out This Hospital Baby?” Asked Trina. “The Doctor Told Me I Can Get Out When I Sign My Release Papers” Said Chaze.
The Doctor Then Came In To Give Chaze His Release Papers So He Could Go Home. Chaze Signed The Release Papers. “What About My Boys Terry And Shawn? Are They Ok?” Chaze Asked.“I’m Sorry Your Friend Terry Didn’t Make It” Said The Doctor.
Chaze Broke Down In Tears And Began Crying. ”Everything’s Going To Be Ok Baby” Said Trina. “No It’s Not Because Of Me Terry Is Dead” Said Chaze. “It’s Not Your Fault Baby Lets Go Home” Said Trina. Chaze Gets Out The Hospital The Next Day And Goes To Find And Kill Jeremy. Kion Receives A Phone Call From Chaze. “Listen To Me Nigga Tell Your Boy Jeremy He’s A Dead Man When I Find Him” Said Chaze. “You Fake Ass Nigga You Not Killing Nobody Over Here” Said Kion.”Ok Nigga I Know Where You Live” Said Chaze. “Come Over Here And See What Happens” Said Kion.
Chaze Then Goes Home Gets His Gun And Goes Over To Kion House To Find Jeremy. Jeremy Was Over Kion’s House Smoking Weed With Brion. “What Happened Jeremy?” Brion Asked. “I Went To The Park Like Kion Told Me.” Said Jeremy. “What Happened Next?” Kion Asked. “I Saw Chaze And His Boys Smoking Weed And Counting Money. "I Went Over Shot Them Got The Gym Bag And Ran Back Home” Said Jeremy.
Kion Then Heard A Knock On The Door. KNOCK! KNOCK! “Who The Fuck Is It?” Kion Asked. Kion Then Looked Outside And Saw Chaze And Shawn At The Door. “Nigga What The Fuck Ya’ll Want?” Kion Asked. “Where That Nigga Jeremy At?” Asked Shawn. “Oh Shit They Looking For You Jeremy” Said Brion. Jeremy Goes Outside With His Gun Tucked Under His Shirt. He Knew Something Bad Was About To Happen.
“You The Nigga That Shot Me And My Boys Terry And Shawn” Said Chaze. “Nigga So What Ya’ll Bitches Got What Was Coming To Ya” Said Jeremy. “Nigga You Killed My Boy Terry” Said Chaze. “Fuck You Fake Ass Nigga” Said Jeremy. “Nigga Fuck Me Fuck You” Said Chaze.
Chaze Then Pulled Out His Gun And Aimed For Jeremy. Jeremy And Kion Ran Behind A Car. Brion Rushed Outside To Help His Brother Kion And Friend Jeremy. Shawn Was Across The Street Shooting At Kion. “Chaze What The Fuck You Doing Here?” Brion Asked. “That Nigga Killed My Friend Terry So I’m Gonna Kill Him” Said Chaze.
Jeremy Then Runs From Behind The Car Across The Street And Shot Chaze Three Times. Chaze Was Dead “Die You Pussy Ass Nigga” Said Jeremy. Not Aware That Shawn Was Behind Him.
Shawn Shot Jeremy In The Head Two Times. Jeremy And Chaze Both Were Dead. Brion And Kion Rushed Over And Killed Shawn. “Die Mother Fucker And I’ll See You In Hell” Said Brion. "Lets Get Out Of Here Kion" Said Brion. Kion And Brion Then Went Back Home Got Their Things And Headed To Florida.

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