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"Friend Zone"

Hey My Names Noah Miller. I'm 19 Years Old, Muscular, Single, Mixed, 5 Ft 11, A Senior In High School, And Gay. I Have The Biggest Crush On My Best Friend Sebastian. Me An Sebastian Have Been Best Friends Since Middle School. Nobody Knows I'm Gay. I Plan On Telling Sebastian I Like Him More Than A Friend. I Just Hope He Feels The Same Way.

One Day At School Noah See's Sebastian At His Locker. "Hey Sebastian" Said Noah. "Hey What's Up Buddy" Said Sebastian. "I've Got Something To Tell You" Said Noah. "OK What Is It?" Asked Sebastian. "I'll Tell You After School" Said Noah. "You Want Me To Come To Your House Later" Said Sebastian. "Sure That'll Be Great" Said Noah.

Later That Day After School Was Over Noah Rushed Home To Eat Supper. Noah Makes It Home And See's His Mom In The Kitchen. "Hey Mom What's For Supper" Said Noah. "Your Favorite Spaghetti & Fried Chicken" Said Ms Miller. "Ok Can You Fix An Extra Plate Sebastian Is Coming Over" Said Noah. "Sure Thing Honey" Said Ms Miller.

"Thanks Mom Your The Best" Said Noah. "Go Freshin Up Suppers Almost Ready" Said Ms Miller. Noah Goes Upstairs To Take A Shower Before Sebastian Comes Over. A Few Minutes Later Noah Gets Out The Tub And Puts On His Clothes. Ms. Miller Hears A Knock At The Door. "Who's There?" Asked Ms. Miller. "It's Me Sebastian" Said Sebastian. "Hey Sebastian How You Been?" Asked Ms. Miller. "I've Been Good" Said Sebastian. "That's Good Noah Is Upstairs" Said Ms. Miller. "Ok I'm Gonna Go On Up There" Said Sebastian. "Alright Tell Noah Supper Is Ready" Said Ms. Miller. "Sure Thing Ms. Miller" Said Sebastian.

Sebastian Goes Upstairs And Finds Noah In His Room. "Hey Noah Your Mom Wanted Me To Tell You Suppers Ready" Said Sebastian. "Oh Hey Sebastian When Did You Get Here" Said Noah. "A Few Minutes Ago Your Mom Let Me In" Said Sebastian. "You Hungry My Mom Fixed You A Plate" Said Noah. "Yes I'm Starving" Said Sebastian. "Let's Go Eat Then" Said Noah. Noah And Sebastian Go Downstairs To Join Ms. Miller.

"The Food Smells Delicious" Said Sebastian. "Thanks Sebastian I Hope Your Hungry" Said Ms. Miller. "We're Starving" Said Noah. "You Guys Go Have A Seat While I Fix Your Food" Said Ms. Miller. Noah And Sebastian Go Sit At The Table Across From Each Other. Ms. Miller Takes Them Their Plate.

"Dig In Boys" Said Ms. Miller. Noah And Sebastian Start Eating. "How Is It Sebastian?" Asked Ms. Miller. "It's Delicious Ms. Miller Thank You" Said Sebastian. "I'm Glad You Like It" Said Ms Miller. Sebastian And Noah Finish Eating. "Mom Me And Sebastian Are Gonna Up To My Room For Awhile" Said Noah. "Alright Honey" Said Ms. Miller. "Thanks Again For Dinner Ms. Miller It Was Delicious" Said Sebastian. "Anytime Darling" Said Ms. Miller.

Noah And Sebastian Go Up To Noah's Room. "Your Mom Sure Can Cook" Said Sebastian. "That's Nothing You Should Eat Her Holiday Dinner" Said Noah. "Yea So What Did You Want To Tell Me At School Today" Said Sebastian. "What I'm About To Tell You May Change Our Friendship Forever" Said Noah. "You Can Tell Me Anything" Said Sebastian.

"Sebastian I'm Gay And I Like You More Then A Friend" Said Noah. Sebastian Looked At Noah With A Shocking Look On His Face. "What Do You Mean You're Gay?" Ask Sebastian. "I've Had Feelings For You Since Middle School I Just Never Said Anything" Said Noah. "I Don't Know What To Say" Said Sebastian. "Say You Feel The Same Way" Said Noah.

"I.... I Don't" Said Sebastian. Noah Looks At Sebastian Like He Just Lost His Soul. "What Do You Mean You Don't" Said Noah. "Look Noah You're A Nice Guy And I Will Always Be Here For You No Matter What" Said Sebastian. "So What's The Problem?" Asked Noah. "The Problem Is I Don't Like You In That Type Of Way" Said Sebastian. Noah Gets Upset And Starts Yelling. "Get Out!!!" Shouted Noah. "Calm Down It's Gonna Be Alright" Said Sebastian. "No It's Not Just Leave" Said Noah.

"Fine If That's What You Want I'll Leave" Said Sebastian. Sebastian Leaves Noah's Room And Goes Downstairs. Noah Slams His Room Door Then Jumps In His Bed And Starts Crying. "Sebastian Leaving So Soon" Said Ms. Miller. "Yeah I Gotta Get Home See You Later Ms. Miller" Said Sebastian.

"Goodnight Sebastian" Said Ms. Miller. Sebastian Leaves Noah's House And Goes Home. Ms. Miller Goes Upstairs To Say Goodnight To Noah. Ms. Miller Tries To Open Noah's Room Door But It's Locked. "Noah Open Up The Door Honey" Said Ms. Miller.

Noah Doesn't Respond. Ms. Miller Gets Angry And Starts Yelling. "Open The Damn Door Noah" Said Ms. Miller. Noah Still Doesn't Respond Ms. Miller Then Kicks His Door In. Ms Miller Finds Noah Passed Out On His Bed Room Floor With His Wrist Cut. "Oh My God!" Screamed Ms. Miller.

Ms. Miller Rushed Over To Noah Trying To Wake Him Up. Noah Doesn't Wake Up So Ms. Miller Calls 911. "911 What's Your Emergency" Said The Operator. "My Son Won't Wake Up And He Cut Both His Wrist" Screamed Ms. Miller. "Ok Calm Down Miss What's Your Name" Said The Operator. "Susan Miller My Son Name Is Noah Miller" Said Ms. Miller. "Ok Ms. Miller I'm Here To Help You" Said The Operator. "Please Send Someone Now I'm Freaking Out" Said Ms. Miller. "Please Calm Down What's Your Address?" Asked The Operator. "1055 West Martin Street" Said Ms. Miller.

"Ok Ms. Miller The Paramedics Are On Their Way" Said The Operator. "Thank You" Said Ms. Miller. Ms Miller Hangs Up The Phone. A Few Minutes Past By An The Paramedics Arrive. Ms. Miller Takes The Paramedic Up To Noah's Room. "What Happened?" Asked The Nurse. "I Don't Know He Was Fine Earlier" Said Ms. Miller. "Did He Seem Bothered By Anything?" Asked The Paramedic. "No He Was Happy About His Friend Sebastian Coming Over Earlier Today That's All" Said Ms. Miller. "Did He Get Into A Fight With His Friend Sebastian?" Asked The Paramedic. "No They Have Been Best Friends Since Middle School. Sebastian Would Never Hurt Noah" Said Ms Miller. "OK We're Gonna Take Him To The Hospital" Said The Doctor. "I'm Gonna Go Pick Up His Friend Sebastian" Said Ms. Miller. "Alright We'll Meet You At The Hospital" Said The Paramedic.

Ms. Miller Goes To Sebastian's House And Knocks On The Door. Knock! Knock! Sebastian Answers The Door. "Hey Ms Milller" Said Sebastian. "Noah's On His Way To The Hospital" Said Ms. Miller. "What Happened To Him?" Asked Sebastian. "He Cut Both His Wrists" Said Ms. Miller. "Oh My God I Have To See Him" Said Sebastian. "I Came Here To Take You With Me" Said Ms. Miller. "Let's Go" Said Sebastian. Ms. Miller And Sebastian Go To The Hospital.

Ms. Miller And Sebastian Make It To The Hospital And Rush Inside. Sebastian Goes To The Front Desk. "Excuse Me Miss Can You Tell Me What Room Noah Miller Is In" Said Sebastian. The Nurse Checks Her Computer. "Yes He's In Room 1015 On The Third Floor" Said The Nurse. "Thanks Miss" Said Sebastian. Sebastian And Ms. Miller Take The Elevator Up To The Third Floor And Finds Noah's Room.

Ms. Miller And Sebastian Go Inside. A Doctor And A Nurse Are Inside. "Hi I'm Doctor Jacobs And This Is Nurse Gina" Said Doctor Jacob. "Nice To Meet You" Said Gina. "Hello I'm Noah's Mother And This Is His Friend Sebatian" Said Ms. Miller.
"How Is He Doing Doctor?" Asked Sebastian. "He's Doing Ok We Managed To Stop The Bleeding" Said Doctor Jacob. "We Would Like Some Time With Him" Said Ms. Miller. "Sure We'll Be Back Later To Check On Him" Said Nurse Gina.

Sebastian Goes Over And Sits On The Couch Next To Noah's Bed."Hey Buddy How You Feeling" Said Sebastian. "I Feel A Little Dizzy" Said Noah. "That's Just From The Medicine They Gave You" Said Sebastian. "Where's My Mom?" Asked Noah. "I'm Here Baby Are You Ok" Said Ms. Miller. "Yeah I'm Fine Mom Sorry I Scared You" Said Noah.

"It's Alright Honey Your Ok That's All That Matters" Said Ms. Miller. "Why Did You Cut You Wrist?" Asked Sebastian. "It's Your Fault I'm In Here" Said Noah. "How Is It My Fault?" Asked Sebastian. "What Does He Mean Its Your Fault Sebastian" Asked Ms. Miller. "Can You Give Us Some Privacy Mom" Said Noah.

"Yes I Will Be In The Waiting Room If You Need Me" Said Ms. Miller. Ms. Miller Leaves Noah's Room And Goes To The Waiting Room. "Now What Did I Do Noah" Said Sebastian. "You Broke My Heart" Said Noah. "I'm Sorry I Just Was Shocked About You Being Gay The Truth Is..." Said Sebastian. "The Truth Is What Sebastian" Said Noah. Sebastian Grabs Noah's Face And Kisses Him. "I Feel The Same Way About You" Said Sebastian.

"Why Didn't You Say Anything Before?" Asked Noah. "I Was Afraid" Said Sebastian. "You Don't Have To Be Afraid I Love You" Said Noah. "I Love You Too" Said Sebastian. Noah Kisses Sebastian On The Lips. "What Was That For?" Asked Sebastian. "I Wanted To Make Sure I Wasn't Dreaming" Said Noah.

Dr. Jacob Comes In The Room. "How You Holding Up Buddy" Said Dr. Jacob. "I'm Feeling Much Better Now" Said Noah. "That's Good I Have Your Release Papers Ready For You To Sign" Said Dr. Jacob. "Ok Now I Can Go Home" Said Noah. "Yes But Keep Those Bandages On Your Cuts Till They Heal" Said Dr. Jacob. "Ok Doctor I Will" Said Noah. Noah Signs His Release Papers.

Sebastian Goes To The Waiting Room And Tell Ms. Miller Noah Can Go Home. Ms. Miller Goes Back To Noah's Room. "Hey Baby Are You Ready To Go Home" Said Ms. Miller. "Yes Mom I'm Ready Let's Go Home" Said Noah. Ms. Miller, Noah And Sebastian Go Get In The Car. "Thanks For Coming To Check On Me Sebastian" Said Noah. "No Problem" Said Sebastian. "Sebastian Are You Going Home?" Asked Ms. Miller. "I Was Wondering If I Could Stay With Noah Tonight" Said Sebastian. "Sure You Can Honey" Said Ms. Miller.

Noah Looks At Sebastian With A Big Smile On His Face. Ms. Miller Makes It Home. Sebastian And Noah Go Inside. "Hey Don't You Think We Should Tell Your Mom Your Gay" Said Sebastian. "Yes Let's Tell Her" Said Noah. Ms. Miller Sits On The Couch And Turns On The TV. "Mom I Have To Tell You Something" Said Noah. "What Is It Baby?" Asked Ms. Miller. "I'm Gay" Said Noah. "Your Still My Son And I Love You" Said Ms. Miller.

Sebastian Walks Over An Holds Noah's Hand. "Who's The Guy You Like?" Asked Ms. Miller. "I Am Ms. Miller" Said Sebastian. "I Just Want You To Be Happy Baby. If Sebastian Makes You Happy Then I'm Happy" Said Ms. Miller. Noah And Sebastian Hug Ms. Miller. "Thanks For Understanding And Accepting Me For Who I Am" Said Noah. "I Love You Baby" Said Ms. Miller. "I Love You Too Mom" Said Noah.

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