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One Dark Cold Night A Girl Named Stephanie Was Walking Home With Her Boyfriend Nathan. “Hey Thanks For Walking Me Home Tonight” Said Stephanie. "No Problem You Know I’m Not Gonna Let You Walk Alone" Said Nathan. Stephanie Kisses Nathan And Tells Him To Get Home Safely. “Baby Don’t Worry I Can Handle Myself” Said Nathan. "OK Mr Tough Guy” Said Stephanie. “I Will See You Tomorrow Baby” Said Nathan. “Alright I Love You” Said Stephanie. “I Love You More” Said Nathan.

The Next Day Stephanie Receives A Text From Her Best Friend Willie Asking Her If She Wants To Hang Out. Stephanie Replies Yes Come Over To My House. Willie Replies OK Be Over In Awhile. Stephanie Goes In The Kitchen To Get Something To Eat. She Gets Some Vanilla Ice Cream And Starts To Eating It. Stephanie Hears The Doorbell Ringing And Goes To Open The Door. “Hey Boo What You Up To?” Said Willie. “Eating Some Ice Cream And Waiting For You To Come Over” Said Stephanie. “Well I’m Here Now” Said Willie.

"What Do You Wanna Do Best Friend?" Asked Stephanie. "Let’s Have A Movie Night" Said Willie. “OK What Do You Wanna Watch?” Asked Stephanie.
“The Conjuring” Said Willie. “Is That A Scary Movie?” Asked Stephanie. “Yeah It Is Why Are You Scared” Said Willie. “Willie You Know I Don’t Like Scary Movies” Said Stephanie. “Call Nathan Over Here So He Can Hold You When You Get Scared” Said Willie. “Great Idea Willie” Said Stephanie.

Stephanie Calls Nathan. “Hello?” Said Nathan. “Hey Baby Me And Willie Are Having A Movie Night” Said Stephanie. “Cool You Want Me To Come Over There” Said Nathan. “Yes I Do” Said Stephanie. “Alright I Will Be Over There Shortly” Said Nathan. “See You Soon Bye” Said Stephanie. “What Did He Say?” Asked Willie.

"He Said He Will Be Here Soon" Said Stephanie. "That’s Cool" Said Willie. "You Want Something To Eat?" Asked Stephanie. "Sure You Got Pizza" Said Willie. "Yeah What Kind You Want Pepperoni Or Sausage" Said Stephanie. "Sausage Is My Favorite" Said Willie. "OK I Will Put The Pizza In The Oven" Said Stephanie.

The Doorbell Starts Ringing Again Stephanie Answers The Door. “Hey Baby What Are You Guys Doing” Said Nathan. “I’m Cooking Us A Pizza Then We’re Gonna Watch A Movie” Said Stephanie. “What’s Up Nathan?” Asked Willie. “Hey Willie Just Came Over To Hang With My Baby” Said Nathan. “Cool Have You Seen The Conjuring Movie Yet” Said Willie. “No Are We Watching It” Said Nathan.

"I Want To But Stephanie Scared" Said Willie. "Come On Baby It’s Just A Movie" Said Nathan. "OK Fine I Will Watch It But If I Have Nightmares It’s You Guys Fault" Said Stephanie. Stephanie Goes Back In The Kitchen To Check On The Pizza. “ This Pizza Smells So Good” Said Stephanie. Stephanie Takes The Pizza Out The Oven And Cuts It Into 6 Big Slices. “The Pizza Is Ready You Guys” Said Stephanie. Willie, Nathan And Stephanie Get 2 Slices Of Pizza Each.

"Lets Watch The Movie While We Eat" Said Nathan. "I Was Just About To Say That" Said Willie. Stephanie Goes Into The Living Room And Sits On The Couch. Nathan Sits On The Couch With Stephanie And Willie Sits In A Chair By The Window. Stephanie Orders The Conjuring Movie On Demand. "Baby If You Get Scared Just Grab My Arm" Said Nathan. “Prepare To Lose Your Arm Nathan” Said Willie.

"Oh Shut Up Willie" Said Stephanie. "Whatever You Say Willie" Said Nathan. The Movie Starts And Stephanie Has A Scared Look On Her Face. “Stephanie You Look A Little Scared” Said Willie. “No I’m Not Scared” Said Stephanie. OK We Will See When The Movie Gets To The Scary Dark Scenes” Said Willie. Willie Finished Eating His Pizza.

The Movie Gets To A Scary Scene Stephanie Screams And Grabs Nathan Arm. “Ouch That Hurts Stephanie” Said Nathan. “I’m Sorry Baby” Said Stephanie. Willie Looks Over At The Window. Willie Screams “Someone’s At The Window” “Don’t Say That Willie” Said Stephanie. “I’m Serious A Guy Was Just Standing There Looking At Me” Said Willie “Maybe Your Just Seeing Things Willie” Said Stephanie.

"I Know What I Saw OK" Said Willie. "Fine I Will Go Outside An Check It Out" Said Nathan. “No Baby What If Someone Really Is Out There” Said Stephanie. “Don’t Worry Baby I Will Be Fine” Said Nathan. “Be Careful” Said Stephanie. Nathan Goes Outside To Make Sure Nobody Was Around. Nathan Walks Around The Whole Back Of The House.

Nathan Sees A Few Cigarette Buds Outside The Window Where Willie Was Sitting. “Willie Come Here Real Quick” Said Nathan. “OK Here I Come” Said Willie. “Don’t Leave Me Alone” Said Stephanie. “I Will Be Right Back” Said Willie. Willie Goes Outside And Finds Nathan Out Back. ”I Found These Cigarette Buds On The Ground” Said Nathan.

"See I Told You I Saw Someone" Said Willie. "Whoever It Was They’re Gone Now" Said Nathan. "Let’s Get Back Inside With Stephanie" Said Willie. Willie And Nathan Go Back Inside. "Did You Guys See Anyone Out There?" Asked Stephanie. “No But Someone Was Out There We Found Cigarette Buds Outside The Window” Said Nathan.

"Baby I Don’t Wanna Be Alone Will You Stay With Me" Said Stephanie. "Yes Of Course I Will" Said Nathan. “I’m Tired I’m Going To Bed Goodnight Willie” Said Stephanie. “Goodnight Stephanie” Said Willie. Stephanie And Nathan Go To Bed. Willie Stays Up Watching TV All Night Till He Falls Asleep On The Couch. In The Middle Of The Night Stephanie Wakes Up To Use The Restroom.

Stephanie Finishes Using The Restroom And Goes To The Kitchen To Get A Glass Of Water. All Of Sudden The Doorbell Starts Ringing. “I Wonder Who That Could Be” Said Stephanie. Stephanie Answers The Door. “Hey My Name Is John Can I Use Your Phone” Said John. “I Don’t Know You” Said Stephanie. “See My Car Broke Down And I’m Trying To Get A Ride Home” Said John.

"Fine Wait Here At The Front Door" Said Stephanie. "Thank You" Said John. Stephanie Goes In The Kitchen To Get The House Phone. Stephanie Turns Around And John Is Standing Behind Her. "Oh My God!" Screams Stephanie. "What Are You Doing I Told You To Wait Outside" Said Stephanie. John Pushes Stephanie Into The Counter Knocking Her Onto The Floor.

"You Son Of A Bitch" Said Stephanie. Stephanie Kicks John In His Balls. "Bitch I’m Gonna Kill You For That" Said John. John Punches Stephanie Knocking Her Out. John Picks Up Stephanie And Takes Her Outside To His Car. John Puts Stephanie’s Body In The Back Of His Car. John Tapes Stephanie’s Mouth Then Ties Her Arms And Legs.

John Looks At Stephanie While She Lays On The Back Seat. “Your So Beautiful” Said John. John Gets In His Car And Drives Away. The Next Morning Nathan Wakes Up And Notices Stephanie’s Gone. Nathan Goes Through The House Looking For Stephanie. “Stephanie Baby Where Are You” Said Nathan. Willie Wakes Up After Hearing Nathan Running Through The House.

"What’s Going On?" Asked Willie. "Stephanie’s Gone Dude" Said Nathan. "What Do You Mean She’s Gone" Said Willie. “She’s Not Here” Said Nathan. “She Could Have Walked Off Somewhere” Said Willie. “No That’s Not Like Stephanie” Said Nathan. “Maybe Your Right Try Calling Her Phone” Said Willie.

Nathan Calls Stephanie’s Phone. “Hello?” Said John. “Who Is This?” Asked Nathan. “I’m The Guy That Has Your Girlfriend” Said John. “You Bastard I’m Gonna Kill You” Said Nathan. “I Wouldn't Be Making Threats If I Were You” Said John. “What Do You Want From Us?” Asked Nathan.

"I Want Twenty Thousand Dollars If You Wanna See Her Alive Again" Said John. "I Don’t Have That Type Of Money" Said Nathan. "Well You Better Get It Or I Will Kill Her" Said John. "Fine I Will Figure Something Out Just Don’t Hurt Her" Said Nathan. "I Will Keep In Touch" Said John. John Hangs Up The Phone. "Who Was That?" Asked Willie.

"I Don’t Know But He Has Stephanie" Said Nathan. "What Does He Want?" Asked Willie. “He Wants Twenty Thousand Dollars Or He Is Gonna Kill Her” Said Nathan. “Where Are We Gonna Get That Type Of Money?” Asked Willie. “We Can Rob A Bank” Said Nathan. “Nathan You Can’t Be Serious” Said Willie. “Yes I Am” Said Nathan.

"I Don’t Wanna Go To Jail" Said Willie. "Neither Do I But She’s Your Best Friend Willie" Said Nathan. "Your Right We Got To Get Her Back Man" Said Willie. "So What Do You Say" Said Nathan. "I Say We Rob A Bank" Said Willie. "OK Lets Do It" Said Nathan. "Wait We Need A Plan First" Said Willie.

"First I Go Inside With My Guns And Tell Everyone To Get On The Ground" Said Nathan. "Alright Then What Do I Do" Said Willie. "You Come In With Your Gun Asking For All The Money In The Safes" Said Nathan. "When We’re Done Getting All The Money We Go Back To Stephanie’s House" Willie. "OK Lets Go To The My House Real Quick" Said Nathan. “Alright What Are We Going To Your House For” Said Willie. “My Dad Has A Few Guns We Can Use” Said Nathan.

"I’m Not Killing Anybody" Said Willie. "We Need Guns For When We Meet The Guy That Took Stephanie" Said Nathan. “I’m Gonna Kill Him” Said Willie. “No You Leave Him To Me” Said Nathan. Nathan And Willie Go Outside And Get In Nathan’s Car. A Few Minutes Later They Make It To Nathan’s House. “You Have A Nice House” Said Willie. “Thanks It’s Actually My Parents House” Said Nathan.

"Where Are Your Parents?" Asked Willie. "They’re At Work Right Now" Said Nathan. Nathan Parks His Car In The Driveway And Goes Inside The House. "Where Does Your Dad Keep His Guns?" Asked Willie. "He Keeps Them In His Bedroom Closet" Said Nathan. Nathan And Willie Go Upstairs To His Dads Room. "Here You Can Use A Shotgun And Pistol" Said Nathan.

"OK What Are You Gonna Use" Said Willie. "I’m Gonna Use These Pistols" Said Nathan. "Alright What Are We Gonna Wear" Said Willie. "We Wear All Black Everything And Mask To Hide Our Faces" Said Nathan. "Cool Do You Have Anything Black" Said Willie. "Yes I Have A Lot Of Black Clothing" Said Nathan. "Can I Use A Shirt And A Pair Of Pants" Asked Willie.

"Sure What Size Shirt And Pants You Wear" Said Nathan. "A Large In Shirts And 32 Waist In Pants" Said Willie. "We’re The Same Size" Said Nathan. Nathan And Willie Get Dressed. A Few Minutes Pass By And They’re Packed An Ready To Go. "What About Our Masks?" Asked Willie. "I Have Some Halloween Masks From Last Year In My Trunk We Can Use" Said Nathan. "Cool Lets Get To The Bank" Said Willie. Nathan And Willie Go Get In Nathan’s Car. Nathan Makes It To The Bank.

"I Don’t Know If I Can Do This Dude" Said Willie. "Man Up And Grow Some Balls" Said Nathan. "Ok I’m Doing It For Stephanie" Said Willie. "Alright Get In There And Get The Money" Said Nathan. Willie Gets His Gun And Mask Out The Trunk. "Be Careful And Don’t Kill Anyone" Said Nathan. "Alright Watch My Back" Said Willie.

Willie Walks Inside The Bank With His Gun And A Bag. “Everyone Get On The Ground” Said Willie. People Start Taking Cover And Screaming For Their Lives. Willie Goes Up To The Register. “Give Me All The Money Or I Will Kill You” Said Willie. “OK Please Don’t Kill Me” Said The Clerk. The Clerk Fills Up The Bag With All The Money. “Here Take It And Get Out” Said The Clerk. “You Telling Me What To Do Bitch” Said Willie. Willie Shoots The Clerk In The Head.

Willie Runs Outside To The Car. “What Happened In There?” Asked Nathan. “I Shot And Killed Someone That’s What Happened In There” Said Willie. Nathan Then Receives A Call From Stephanie’s Cell. “Did You Get The Money?” Asked John. “Yeah I Got It” Said Nathan. “Alright Meet Me Behind The Mall In The Parking Lot” Said John.

"OK I’m On My Way" Said Nathan. John Hangs Up The Phone. "Who Was That?" Asked Willie. "That Was The Guy That Has Stephanie" Said Nathan. "What Did He Say?" Asked Willie. "He Wants Me To Meet Him Behind The Mall In The Parking Lot" Said Nathan. "Lets Go Get This Bastard" Said Willie.

Nathan Drives To The Mall And Saw Nobody Around. “Where Is This Mother Fucker” Said Nathan. Willie Looks Around And Saw A Car Approaching In The Distance. “There He Is Nathan” Said Willie. John Parks His Car On The Other Side Of The Parking Lot. Nathan Calls Stephanie’s Phone. “Lets Settle This Like Men You Give Me My Girl And You Get Your Money Deal” Said Nathan.

"No Problem If You Try Anything I Will Kill You" Said John. "OK Meet Me Halfway" Said Nathan. "Here We Come" Said John. "Willie Listen I Want You To Go Around The Mall To The Other Side And Shoot Him" Said Nathan. "Alright What Are You Gonna Do" Said Willie. "I’m Getting Stephanie Back" Said Nathan. "Be Careful Man" Said Willie.

Nathan Gets The Bag Of Money Out The Backseat And Goes To Meet John Face To Face. “Nathan It’s Nice To Finally Meet You” Said John. “I Wish I Could Say The Same About You” Said Nathan. “How Silly Of Me I Never Introduced Myself I’m John” Said John. “I Don’t Care Who You Are I Just Want My Girlfriend Back” Said Nathan. “OK Toss Me The Bag And I Will Give Her Back To You” Said John. Nathan Tosses John The Bag Of Money.

John Looks In The Bag To Make Sure All The Money Was In It. “Looks Like All The Money Is Here” Said John. “Yeah Now Give Me Stephanie” Said Nathan. Nathan See’s Willie Coming Towards Him And John. “Alright A Deals A Deal Let Me Go Get Her” Said John. John Turns Around To See Willie Standing Behind Him With A Gun. “Who Are You?” Asked John. “Your Worst Nightmare” Said Willie.

Willie Then Shoots John Killing Him Instantly. “Nathan Go Get Stephanie Out Of The Car” Said Willie. Nathan Goes Over To John Car. Nathan Unties Stephanie And Takes The Tape Off Her Mouth. “Stephanie Are You Alright Baby” Said Nathan. “Yes I’m OK Thanks For Saving Me Baby” Said Stephanie. “I Did All The Work” Said Willie.

"No You Didn't" Said Stephanie. “Yes I Did I Robbed The Bank Myself And Killed This Bastard” Said Willie. “I Hate To Admit It But He Did Baby” Said Nathan. Stephanie Hugs Willie And Kisses Him On The Cheek. “Thanks Willie” Said Stephanie. “You Welcome Best Friend” Said Willie. "What Are We Gonna Do With The Money?" Said Nathan.

"We’re Gonna Split It" Said Willie. "OK What Are You Gonna Do With Your Half Willie" Said Nathan. "I’m Gonna Get An Apartment And Finally Move Out My Mom’s House" Said Willie. "Cool Me And Stephanie Gonna Take A Trip To Hawaii" Said Nathan. "Be Safe See You Guys Soon" Said Willie. "You Be Safe To Willie" Said Stephanie. "Don't Worry I Will Stephanie" Said Willie.

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