1. Sat, Nov 2, 2013 at 4:08 AM


    My Heart Needs To Be Loved ..... All I Keep Thinking About Is Being Unconditionaly Love By A Significant Other ..... The Pain Of Not Having Someone Physically By My Side Keeps Eating Away At My Heart & Soul .... The Pain Of Always Being Alone & Lonely . Not Having Anyone To Express My Feelings To Or Even Just a Listen To Wat I Have To Say ..... I Dont Know Wat To Do ..... But I Know This...

  2. My Reality Iz Different From Yours But You Grow 2 Learn & Understand Another Being By Showing As Much Love & Understandmemt As Possible ..... If You Choose To Live By Your Own Method Of Getting Through To Someone , You Might Be Affending Them Rather Than Understanding & That Is Wat You Call " Selfish Ego "


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