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I'm a PROUD STAN/SUPPORTER of Onika Tanya Maraj.With that being said, that doesn't change the fact that I DO have a mind/opinion of my own, since I am the one spending my $$$ on the artist for their quality of work. If I don't like something Nicki says/does & voice my opinion abt it..I shouldn't be attacked for it. That's the difference between a DIE HARD & a GROUPIE. A groupie will agree with & stan for ANYTHING an artist does. But, a REAL STAN observes the artists' work & voices their opinion based on their work & it's quality. Artists' are not looking for 'Yes Men' to support them. They want an honest review. So I will never LIE & say i liked something Nic did If I truely didn't. & If you're a "DIEHARD" & can't respect that, then you're not really a diehard. STOP HOLDING BACK & SPEAK THE FUCK UP! Me saying this doesn't make me any LESS of a fan..It just goes to show that I will not settle for anything less than what I expect from her. If anyone finds any of this wrong, PLEASE RE-EVALUATE yourself.

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