Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 3:38 PM

For Nicki

I was bored I just felt like writing something down :) a Rap. :D Short though. I'm not too Good but I tried Lol. Oh And This is Also for Nicki's Ego Roman. I say Nicki Roman :D

-Minaj's game fucking Suicide She go hard nd Dirtay, yo game dry, Nicki feed dese muthafuckas koz she knw dey Thirstay, ya'll dnt knw how 2 play, they say oh hey, but she dnt say hi i say bitch its Nicki-Z-z-zolnaski! they so blind, get a stick She'll choke u wid a used up bloody red tie, Its HB! thee bad ass, admit that She's da best, dat HB's sucha blast! dat She in da presents kill yo self coz you in da past, U ain't GOT shit! yo pussy skinny but bitch Nicki GOT SOMETHING COZ HER PUSSY FAT! She something, Something that u NOT! U ain't all that!! It's Nicki-Roman bitch...Ya Dumb ass!!
U a Dumb ass, U-U-U a dumb ass, Saying you won just coz yo ass think u so damn bad, I speak da truth, all u say it aint no damn Rap, Her Flow so ill, so sick, u so Flu sick, u lose, Game so thin, Her ass so thick, u dumb widd no brain, but bitch she do's not think!!, She hung dese rap bitches like a loosed up Ball sack, I watch yall sink! sink in! Like Fat Bastards Dick!

Team Minaj ALL DAY Baatches!

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