Tue, Mar 19, 2013 at 10:59 AM

Pink Friday Tour

So, now we (the people in my class) have a project that we have unlimited source of money in our pocket and that we can take our whole family to at least three english-speaking countries and I was like ''Hmmm, then I shall take London 'cuz I wanna by her new designed perfumes and then New York as a vacation before I head to L.A and get to hang out with her, and then in Miami with Nicki on like a vacation on a vacation with my family and my idol!'' Smart, huh? And when I thought of that I thought ''Why then also not using the picture of me and Nicki from the Pink Friday Tour?!'' So I'm gonna use that also 'cuz I had issues with people not believing me so now Imma prove 'em wrong! Alright, gotta get back and startwith that project.
Love to all my readers! <3
XOXO #Love Nicki Minaj Forever

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