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  1. Tue, Jul 5, 2011 at 7:54 AM

    SO HAPPY !!

    My mama told me that if theres a nicki minaj concert inn august roundd where i livee in which there is, she'll take me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yall Dont Understandd howw freakingg happy i amm likee seriouss facee its likee meetingg the presidentt ohhhh i cant wait yall !!!!!! # ILOVE NICKI !!!!!

  2. Sun, Jul 3, 2011 at 5:26 AM

    Mad !

    Soooo ! ive Been needing some new nicki minaj shirts and i went to the mall and they were all out of them ! This city has nothing of nicki minaj and That Pisses Me off like Seriously ... how can yall not havee Nicki minaj Things or be all out of them . UGH !!!

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