Mon, Aug 15, 2011 at 5:52 AM

"Note To Nicki"

It's been amazing taking this long journey to success with you, watching you grow with every step from Mixtapes to a PLATINUM ALBUM. Your story is one for the books. Ruthlessly being told that you'd never sell, that you couldn't make it on your own, that you'd NEVER win. But despite it all you pressed on, not only for yourself but your family as well. And that selfless attitude drove you to believe that with hard work and putting God first you could be great. And great you are. Pink Friday has the MOST charted singles from a female rap album in Billboard History not to mention is certified PLATINUM. YOU being the first woman on MTV News' Hottest MCs In The Game list checking in at #6. Super Bass going DOUBLE PLATINUM (ok ok i'll stop bragging) I just want you to know that TM is sooooooooo proud of you. Like you don't even understand how much. You've come a long way from your cute little 2 step on club stages to full choreography at stadiums. Working with Icons like Mariah Carey and Britney Spears. Featuring on a song with Jay Z AND Kanye West and having the NERVE to have the best verse. Performing on GMA and now movies roles? Ok we see yew gworl :) Not only are you an incredible artist and performer but a genuine person. You say you're lucky to have us but we're the lucky ones. You treat us like family and give us way more than we could have ever dreamed. Which bitch YOU know gives away tickets to their shows, invites fans to their hotel and VIP at clubs. Buys a phone just to speak to them and actually shouts them out? It's ok i'll wait *waits* And yes those thing are great but it's the little things that stick with us even more. The fact that you look forward to seeing us at shows and remember names. Asking if we've eaten or had anything to drink. Telling us not to come out to see you when it's cold unless we're bundled up. Taking from your leisure time to talk to us outside your tour bus. Or that excited expression you get when you recognize TM at a show/ M&G/ appearance. You Cute ^__^ Simple gestures like holding someone's hand or looking them in the eye makes a HUGE difference. Knowing that you care so much makes it so much easier to be a fan or stan. You give us all you can and we willingly do the same. You are EVERYTHING & MORE Nic you really are. No matter what happens bad or good your "Die Hards" will ALWAYS be here for you. We understand, that's why we're here. Any decision you make we' gotcha back whether we agree or not. Whatever you wanna say or do go for it. We're not here to judge just support. And don't ever feel like you have to be strong by yourself cuz you already know TM goes IN *Pauz* and we'll be strong for you :) That's all for now, just had to tell you that to remind you of your place in our hearts.

- Kalia

P.S I can't write about how "we" feel by myself so, here are some things TM wanted you to know :

"rapping on a staircase, to dominating billboard, to a platinum album, to 2 tours back to back, You're PHENOMENAL babe" - @xoRomansLover

"soooooooo PROUD of you. You DID a lot, and you're DOING a lot. You WON and you're STILL winning. Soo much more in store. Love u!" - @CashleyNika

"I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you." - @AngieLovesNicki

"Awww, so proud of my liddo lady. Nothing but success and achievements for you beautiful" - @SUPERCyrstalx3

"oh and can i just say that meeting you on this tour was EVERYTHING!" - @SexyShyBarbie

"*sings* I will alwaysssss love YEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW" @TylerSoEpic

"w| each tour you get better & better. proud of you lady-- your best work is still ahead of you. keep pushing. xoxo." - @DaniiBeTheBiiz

"Dear God, Thanks for allowing me to see @NICKIMINAJ on tour it was a blessing! S/O 2 #TeamMinaj that met her also. It was great!" - @TeamMinajJapan


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