Tue, May 24, 2011 at 6:39 PM

These Bummie Kim Supporters UGH !!!!

Hello my barbz I just have to blog about these little kim supporters i dnt even understand why they are on here apparently it's to start DRAMA but i really dnt care, but what I dnt appreciate is them coming on my page leaving rude and ridiculous comments, Now I conduct myself as a lady, but i can also come off as being a B*tch when i need to so all my barbz be on the look out for these specific kim supporters "the real barbie" & "whore barb" they have pics of lil kim on their page and let me just say if any kim supporters come at me the wrong way or have anymore rude comments to leave in my blog or on my page for that matter you r gana b in for a rude awakening so dnt disrespect me ! & evidently nicki is on her "A" game because if you're so in love with lil kim and u support her then you would b on her fan site well umm if she had one (which i dnt think she does) hahahahahaha but instead ur on this site so not only r u a hater but somewhere deep dwn inside u have a love for nicki because like i said if you didn't you would've wasted your time 2 create an account on this site hahahahahaha a kim supporter will NEVER EQUAL UP 2 A BADD BARBIE
-urs truly ChocolateDoll :) hahahaha

  1. Cherish Minaj avatar

    On Sun, Sep 25, 2011 at 5:21 AM, Cherish Minaj said:

    love it, but haven't encountered a wuna b yet....muahahahahaha we da best now....n like nicki, we dont respond 2 stupidity....we kno who we r n wut were about...itz Nicki regulations here!!!!!! hope u add yahh Barb!!!! muahhhhhhhh

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