Tue, Jan 17, 2012 at 2:44 AM

the sweetest Nicki dream :)

during my little cat nap, i guess my brain managed to dream about Nicki. so here it goes..Nicki came over w/ SB, Lauren &Candi for a get together at my house. But, they couldn't stay long because Nic had to be in another state :( so when it came time for them to go I hugged Nic real tight & said 'I don't want you to go you just got here'. she said 'I don't want to leave either barb. but i gotta go'. Instantly i got real sad &we stopped hugging so she could get in the car. But i wasn't letting her leave that easy. i ran back to Nic &sat on her lap &hugged her really tight to let her know i wasn't letting her leave w/ me. we stayed hugged up in the car for a good 10 mins &i told her i loved her &she said 'i know barb. i love you too.' then to my surprise she closed the door to the car &told SB to drive &that i was coming with them. Me &Nic hugged the whole way to her hotel. i know im probably missing some parts, but being hugged up with Nicki felt like EVERYTHING to me. i just hope &pray one day i get to hug her in person.

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