Tue, Mar 13, 2012 at 4:36 AM

22 to 19!

it's been a minute since i wrote a blog sooooo, i just thought i'd do one. so today i guess their was a decision made amongst Nicki &management, whomever that may be, to take 3 songs off the new up incoming album 'Pink Friday: ROMAN RELOADED' [PAUSE] GO BUY THE ALBUM 4. 3. 12!!!! ROMAN I SNATCHING WIGS. PUBIC HAIRS. BALD BITCHES ETC ETC. SO YOU BETTER GET TO GLUING IF YOU WANT YOURS TO STAY ON! [BACK TO BLOG] so now instead of the regular 22 songs, their will only be 19. & i'm guessing some people are unhappy about it because moments later, Nicki tweeted 'Greed Kills' after. i mean what are yall unhappy or mad about? i mean this album has 19 songs on it! you should be happy she's even having that many on the album. me im so ecstatic about the album i cannot wait til buy both copies in the store. the regular &deluxe version. but anyway, people are so ungrateful. Nicki doesn't even have to keep us informed about what's going on with the album, so we should consider this a blessing & start appreciating her because she can EASILY take these things away from us. she spoils us so much already, like how are you not happy with what she's already done for us? do you even take the time to tell her [tweet] or say 'thank you'? smh. The one's who are sodium about the songs being taken off the album need to re-evaluate themselves & be THANKFUL. seriously. cause it just doesn't make sense.

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