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Hey Barbz

It's Been Like Forever Since I'd Last Written a Well Thought and Provocative Blog. Well Let's Bite On Nicki Minaj's Success Today.

Nicki Minaj Is One of Those Really Successful Celebrities That Work Hard and Hardly Has Time For Herself.. But Through All That, She Still Has Time To Sit and Catch Up With Her Fans. Nicki Currently Created Her Instagram Account. The Success of That Is Unbelievable... It's Like She's Had It For Years. She Has Millions of Followers Already and Working It Like She's Been Taught By The Highest.

What I've Noticed Is That: With All The Fame, Success, Awards, Money, The Glitz and Glamour, Nicki Has and Is Still As Humble and Human As Any Other. Her Jokes With The Barbz, Her Poise and Inspirational Tweets Just Make One Have a Closer Connection With Her. She's Madly Funny and "Best-Friend" Material, In All The Humor and Ratchetness She'll Always! Bring Out a Lesson For Us To Learn and Better Our Lives With.

So In Whatever Way You Look At Nicki (Her Beauty, Success, Talent...) Never-Ever! Forget To Look At Her Hard-Working Persona, To Work Hard and Enrich Your Own Life, Work Hand-In-Hand With God and Respect Your Parents and The Following. Remember That You Receive More Blessing When You Act and Do Right By Something or Somebody Else.

God Is Love and Love Is Within

Kisses The Barbz and Nicki :*

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