Thu, Oct 6, 2011 at 8:40 PM

Aye well what I have been doing lately ....

Well I have been doing my school work and also supporting #YMCMB especially since I am the creator of @teamymcmbradio ... lol thats correct you heard right ..... I am a creator of a radio show .. Some of you probably remember me hosting @TeamMinajSpoken but it didnt go correctly and I had 6 co hosts ... but anywhoos its me by myself this time and I have the page set up and everything ... I have some people that are following me on my accounts from YMCMB so im working on them to call in and Im also doing prizes this time .... It will be varied from ymcmbgear to barbie chains and etc... Just realized that the main person that I wanted to call in the show had unfollowed me ... cause well lets put like this ... I told them I was making a #teamymcmbradio page and I told them the date and time that I was going on air and I was in their dms and they unfollowed me.. Sigh.... But the show must move on right????

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