Fri, Dec 9, 2011 at 4:40 PM

Giving Back

Hey whats up #teamminaj so guess what I did ??? I bought 2 Pink Friday Cds.. A couple of weeks ago I went to Best Buy and I started to think ... I thought if I find 2 #teamminaj members that want a copy of the cd that never had a copy I could make their week so I did ... So I was like I got 2 cds in my hand ... Who wants a copy ... They had to type #iamabarbie or #iamaken and I found 2 barbz and then I made them answer some questions .... Since I didnt give them the cd yet I was like I make a deal with you .... I will personally buy them each a copy of the Newest Album PF:RR each and send it with the Pink Friday Cd... They was spazzing !!! lol I might do this more often ... Hmm dont know .. lol

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