Fri, May 4, 2012 at 2:48 PM

I am so sorry!!!

im sorry if i hurt you. sorry if i made you cry. sorry if your tears had my name on them. i am sorry if i had your hopes up, i didn't mean to hurt you.Thats the last thing i wanted to do. At times you had me so confused but somehow i seemed to like it. Baby im so sorry i never meant for any of this to happen.. I just wanted to make you happy. There's nothing better then to see you happy. Im glad that we're different in so many ways but those differences brings us closer together. I hope you understand. I know Im selfish and impatient. And I know Im insecure. Yes Im out of control and most of the time Im hard to handle, but you were there through all of that. I don't understand why you decided to call it quits but i guess who ever you broke up with me for was worth it. i hope she breaks your heart like u broke mine

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