Fri, Jan 18, 2013 at 7:20 PM

I should have listened :(

Its funny how you've waited for that special someone to come along and when they come you think you've hit gold. Trust and believe me when I say this because I've been there and I know how it feels. Let me tell you how it happened to me. I met this "certain" guy in 7th grade, but we never had time for each other. We wanted to go out with each other, but I was always in a relationship and when I was single he was in a relationship. We were trying to catch one another at a good, or should I say perfect, time, but we never quite did. Last year, this guy went out with my best friend. He was cheating on her the whole time during their whole relationship. So as a good friend, to both of them, I told the girlfriend " Look, home dude cheatin' on you." and like an idiot she ain't want to listen. Then the day comes for them to break up, thats when she cries "I should have listened to you. I am so sorry." and I was just like "Its okay. I understand." So this year, the boy and I start talking. We hung out together, talked on the phone for hours at a time not wanting to hang up, the whole nine yards. The dude and I finally had sex together. At school, the following Monday, he says " She was a hit it and quit it. She nasty. She dirty. She is a WHORE." And all I could do was cry. This dude was my first, my last, and my only. And at the end, it was my turn to say:
"I wish I would have listened and waited."

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