Wed, Aug 7, 2013 at 6:45 PM

Basic Bitches

1. If u label ur profile as a bad bitch the u r really a basic bitch.
2. If u even think just because u don't have no walls or u got the finest ass and everyone want that don't even label u a basic bitch or a bitch at all u a hoe.
3. If u think putting on alot of makeup on or being stuck up is a bad bitch or a 10 that makes u a shinny basic 2 bitch.
4. If u think 4 a min. ur the baddest or even bad at all because ur from the hood bitch u need to earn to be called that but for now ur a basic bitch.
5. If u need a lot of help to get ur ass to the top then ur basic then Dora The Explorer outfit.

If u r offended by this then u r a basic bitch thinkin' u bad, hoe, shinny 2, or a Dora The Explorer fan.

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