Tue, Nov 30, 2010 at 1:29 PM

NICKI =D and kim beef smh??

nicki minaj is da female lil wayne…. she will destruct these rap artist female or not…same way missy did it she can to…she already set record that missy did b4 her album….n ppl tlkin bout oh she stole kim style oh please i compare them plenty of times n see nothing alike if u ask me….i think she more resembles missy than kim..doesnt have to pretray sex to get notice like kim or doesnt have to rap bout dingaling to get girls that think like kim to like hher songs….matter of fact scratch that cause trina did or does also but thing is that aint the only thing trina rap bout just like eve or missy hm at least trina eve looked at nicki as she adding to the female rapper instead of hatin like kim tryin to bring a female rapper really get the hell over it..wether u like nicki or not…if u dont knw her music like off the back true fan..think bout the b.s yall choose to say cause yall been listening to kim..ima b honest n say i listened to kim b4 but an album hell no…a club single yea…but album nahhh…same for trina but thing wit trina she switched it up a bit this past years n rapped bout otha ish otha then sex...if u aint a true fan then u wld neva knw how nicki is nothing like kim…..n thats TRUESAY…IDGAF IF IM ALL IN NICKI PUSSI…CAUSE IF U TLKIN BOUT HER N PAYIN ANY MIND TO HER SO ARE U…SO FUCK YOU IF U FEEL THAT I AM GOIN IN…AGAIN U HAVE UR OPINION N I HAVE MINE…..N FOR THE RECORD WHO IN THEY RIGH MIND WLDNT WANT TO B IN HER PUSSI LML IMJUSTSAYING I WLD LOVE TO B IN HER LIFE N MORE SO I CLD CARELESS WHAT ANY1 ELSE THINK OF ME OR NICKI…TLK ALL THE ISH U WANT NICKI WILL ALWAYS BE THE SAME TO ME….JUST LIKE ANY RAPPER WAS N STILL IS IN THE SAME POSITION FROM WHEN I FIRST STARTED LISTENIN TO THEM…………..IM SO OVER THE FOOLISH N IGNORANT ASS PPL

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    On Sun, Dec 5, 2010 at 5:36 PM, Myra Mays said:

    kim is just mad cuz nobody like her anymore

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