Thu, Aug 11, 2011 at 7:02 PM

I Love You Nicki!

Ok, i just wanna say that NICKI MINAJ I LOVE YEW!!!!! I dont give a fuc* what u haters say!!! Nicki Minaj is my freakin role model! She is my everything, I listen to her music everyday! In fact im listining to ur music right now!!! I have never been to her concerts but I REALLY WANT TOO!!!!!! I would do anything to get tix to one of her concerts!!! I hope Nicki Minaj reads this!!!! Hahahaha!! And if she does read this she just needs to know, I LOVER HER AND I WOULD DIE TO SEE HER IN PERSON!!!! Also Nicki you are very sexy!!! Ik that ur black and im white but that dosint matter!!!! If u read this Nicki ummm... I REALLY WANNA MEET U REALLY BADLLY, U INSPIRE ME TO SING AND RAP!!!! So yah LOVE YOU NICKI, Byeee :D :)

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