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I can't believe Nicki deleted her Twitter! It hurts to know that when I log on to Twitter I wont be able to see her tweets. :( Some people say it was because people are turning their backs on her, And some say it's because of Leaked Music. First, I don't know why people are turning their backs on Nicki! I love that she's exploring different genres. I don't understand how you can say your a Barb/Ken Barb or say your apart of #TEAMMINAJ, but you go & turn your back on her...Or you complain about how you don't like this And you don't that! I listen to Nicki's Music Every Single Day and I never NEVER EVER, have Second Thoughts about her! I loved her since the beginning And still do!! & Always will. I don't know why certain people like to feast off seeing people in pain, LEAVE NICKI THE HELL ALONE!! Don't be mad because Nicki is Winning! She is a Freakin' Hard Worker, She's worked so hard to get where she is. SHE IS AMAZING! NO MATTER WHAT SHE'LL ALWAYS HAVE MY SUPPORT!! ONLY TRUEE NICKI FANS / #TEAMMINAJ KNOWS WHAT INMEAN AND HOW I FEEL. So...I hope this is just temporary but if not, it's also Okay. My feelings will never change for her. I'll just post And Blog my heart out on here!! OMG!! NICKI IF YOU EVER READ THIS I JUSTBWANT YOU TO KNOW I FREAKIN' LOVEE YOUU SO DAMN MUCH!! YOUR SO BEAUTIFUL, UNIQUE, TALENTED! DON'T LET ANYONE TELL YOU OTHERWISE.

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    If you want to help out go to and add your own message to Nicki. Also tweet out #pleasenicki and a link to the blog to SB we are trying to get her to notice. started this so send any questions that way. Thanks Barb muah

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