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I Love Nicki M. Waaayyy to much to give up... Read About It

By: Zoe Barb

Say What?

So it all started The Fall of 2007. My Pastor told me about the name of her school called "Zoe" she told me it meant "Life"

I was like YEAH, Thats all me, that name fits me, it TOTALLY describes my personality and YES, I shall embrace Zo!

Soooo, March 11, 2008 I unleashed the energetic high spirited LIFE-FILLED Zoey upon the world via my Music & Movement course....

FAST FORWARD... til now May 2012

Sooooo, I register for EVERYTHING NICKI over the past couple years under the name Zoey or AfroZoe Barb (Nattry not Nappy get it right). Well, when it was time to purchase the COVETED VIP PACKAGE TO MEET MY BELOVED BARBIE, I purchased them under ZOEY. Is that my legal name? No! So what does that mean???

I CANT PICK UP MY WILL CALL VIP PACKAGE from the Peabody BoxOffice because thats not the name on my License...

Immediately (no hesitation) I used my vacation days to get all the info i could about changing my legal name and let's just say... "IF IT IS TO BE; IT IS UP TO ME!"

I paid the monies, signed the forms, and am currently awaiting my June 4th court date to make it official. I BE DAMNED IF I DONT GET MEET MY NICKI BECAUSE OF MY NAME! DAMN THAT!!!! NICKI ITS ALL FOR YOU BOOO!

(obviously for narrative purposes i've shortened some amazing parts of this story... but lets get one thing straight... IT IS MUCH MORE THAN JUsT A STORY ITs tHe ReAl ThAng!

I can coast through life going by a name that explains who I am 90% of the time and who I want to be 100% of the time, but WHEN IT cOMES DOWN TO: On 7/31/12 Beg & Plead for an "oversight" and take my chances.... OR GET IT FUCKIN DONE NOW! ... Im not a half stepping Bitch.( i obviously got on top of it ASAP)... If you looking for me you know where Im at #I.BeezInThaTrap @[email protected] follow me @AfroZoeBarb on Twitter

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